Anno Barstool H65cm - Leather/Oak seat connector

Material: Black Frame/Black Leather
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Anno Barstool H65cm - Leather/Oak seat connector

ANNO Barstool’s geometric components are four powder-coated steel legs and two ellipses in the frame and seat. Its legs join up via the elliptic ring, which provides a constructive footrest, and are held in place by an elliptic seat made of solid oak and padded with moulded foam and quality leather or textile.

ANNO Barstool’s signature lies in its wooden seat base, which is highlighted as a sensuous and decorative detail that also points to the sturdy construction of the barstool.

It’s a piece with a typographic appearance – its narrow legs, combined with its broad back, seeming to draw a calligraphic stroke.

Dimensions: H 650 mm | L 430 mm | D 340 mm


FRAME – Steel tubes with powder-coated acrylic surfaces.

SEAT CONNECTOR – Solid European oak finished with natural-coloured hardening oil / oak plywood finished with clear matt lacquer.

SEAT – Moulded foam upholstered with leather

Delivery Time: 6-8 weeks

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