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Field Table is inspired by the renowned campaign furniture, which is specifically made to break down or fold for ease of travel during military campaigns. This nomad-like behavior has similarities to today’s frequent change of accommodation and We Do Wood seek to design and introduce furniture that easily blends into this modern lifestyle. At the same time, we believe that portable furniture can help increase product life time and work against the ‘throwaway culture’ that has emerged in recent decades. To us, long product lifetime is a cornerstone in our efforts towards becoming more sustainable.

Field Table is a new dining table with room for six persons. The table is made in certified bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural resources the world has. Additionally, bamboo is very suitable for tabletops due to the durability and hardness of the material, as well as for the resistance towards stains and easy maintenance. The table is designed as a folding table, and can be folded down in a matter of seconds. This function creates a very versatile table, which is ideal in multipurpose spaces. Furthermore, the folding functionality is very practical when the table has to be removed during cleaning other usages of the space.

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