Grand Cru Ice Bucket

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Here the Rosendahl adventure starts. The wine stopper was the first product of the Grand Cru series, which was launched in 1993. Since then, the wine vine has been expanded to everything the heart could desire within wine. For everyday wine and vintage wine. For welcome drink and the little sister after the food.

A good glass of wine and a well-composed drink can of course be enjoyed all year round, but the taste of long, bright summer evenings is something special. Here, an ice-cold glass of wine becomes the perfect ending to a regular Wednesday, while the good guest dinner naturally starts and ends with cocktails - and both the wine cooler and ice bucket are obvious to use inside and out.

The steel's conical shape and simple, folded grooves put timeless aesthetics on the table, while being designed full of functionality. This applies to the wine cooler as well as the ice bucket, which puts stylish black lid on the ice cubes and uses the bucket top for storing the accompanying ice-seaweed and for small rooms, where accessories such as citrus, cucumber and mint are waiting to complete the season's drinks favorites.

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