Madonna Sofa, Left Arm

Color: Black
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The Madonna Sofa is a module based sofa, with a strong core of plywood and high quality cold cure foam, and upholstered with a strong cotton canvas.

The Madonna Sofa encourages relaxation, with its deep seat and soft expression. The design has a clean look making it easy to compose and decorate with pillows and blankets. The 10 different modules provide a great opportunity to build the ideal sofa for each individual room. The sofa has a Click-Link system that makes it easy to transport and assemble.

The Madonna Sofa consists of the following modules, which can be freely combined. Please note that the cushions are not included, but can be bought separately.

1. Madonna Right Arm
2. Madonna Left Arm
3. Madonna Center
4. Madonna Right Corner
5. Madonna Left Corner
6. Madonna Right Chaise Lounge
7. Madonna Left Chaise Lounge
8. Madonna Large Single
9. Madonna Small Ottoman
10. Madonna Large Ottoman

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