Premium Lounge Beanbag + Ottoman

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Color Fabric: Black


It doesn’t get any better! The ROOMOX LOUNGE PREMIUM with an ottoman offers impeccable comfort and style. The elegant lounge chair is comfortable and modern at the same time.

The seat element is filled with polystyrene balls and covered with a soft, flexible coating. Its simple shape and colour allows the beanbag to fit into every imaginable home no matter the design style. Everyone is welcome on it and can lean into it perfectly due to the comfortable backrest.

Just put your feet up and relax with the ottoman PREMIUM. The soft cushion is filled with Styrofoam balls as well. The ottoman serves as both a seat and a stool for your feet. Due to its simple shape and colour it perfectly matches the seat. This seat will be the most popular in your home in no time!

Due to the large volume, the ROOMOX PREMIUM beanbag with the practical ottoman is shipped in a large carton. After the delivery, all you need to do is to put the cover over the three ready-filled inlets and draw close the safe lock zipper. It´s done, let the fun begin!

Relaxation is important everywhere not only on a chair or a couch. The ROOMOX LOUNGE PREMIUM brings both comfort and a fresh design into living rooms and bedrooms. It consists of one seat element and a practical ottoman. The beanbag makes a statement as it is flexible and can easily be moved to any place in your home, in order for you to put your feet up and just relax.

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