Rox Sofa

Color: Grey
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Velvet is currently one of the hottest textiles in both home and fashion. Velvet is truly versatile allowing each individual to match the potential of the fabric to either a modern, vintage-inspired or even mid-century design; the personal preferences is making it all delicate and private. The best thing about velvet is its texture. Not only does it feel soft but it looks soft, too. It immediately lends a sort of smoothness and warmth to the room. That is why going for a velvet piece of furniture will make a room feel truly unique. Choosing a deep color velvet allows any room to transform from neutral to dynamic or contemporary in a second.

The Rox sofa is a rising star all ready to enter the center stage of your home. The asymmetrical composition brings character to the sofa and the size and soft velvet provide a soft warm touch.

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