Soapstone Bowl, Large - DIA 25cm

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Soapstone Bowl, Large - DIA 25cm

Besides contributing to an inviting table setting, the Soapstone Bowl, Large - DIA 25cm are perfect as decorative items in your home as well. Use them in a stunning still life in the living room, for your favourite jewellery on the night stand, for soap in the bathroom or for your keys and other knick-knacks in the hallway. Soapstone Bowl, Large - DIA 25cm is a set of three bowls in varying sizes. Each has its own set of applications, but put together they make a rustic and untraditional set of tableware. Mix the bowls with porcelain plates to create a modern and contrasted table setting. With their grey-black colour play, the bowls compliment food dishes beautifully. Use the small bowl as saucer for your morning coffee, the medium size for delicate starters and the big bowl for a rustic salad. As material, soapstone easily draws in heat and withholds it for a long period of time, making the bowls ideal for serving hot dishes as well. (Soapstone Bowl, Large - DIA 25cm)

Material: Soapstone
Size: Diameter 25 cm.

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