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The Teapot is world class Danish ceramic designed in 1930 and created for unique and cosy moments with your family. The Teapot has been shaped according to the same principle as the famous Spaltekanden. When designing the spout Eva Stæhr-Nielsen also pitches on the shape of The Teapot in order to create the unique spout. Instead of bending back the top of the spout into a big handle, Eva Stæhr-Nielsen just makes sure that it is the eye which bends the handle.

In 1932, Eva Stæhr-Nielsen began her long career as a highly respected and innovative ceramicist at Saxbo stoneware. She was soon appointed head designer and worked closely with Saxbo’s co-founder, the ceramic glaze artist Nathalie Krebs, until the firm closed down in 1968. During her career, Eva Stæhr-Nielsen was awarded numerous international design prizes in Milan, Paris, Tokyo and the United States, among many others. Today, her stoneware design is much sought after by collectors all over the world. Spring Copenhagen works closely with Eva Stæhr-Nielsen’s family to relaunch some of the unique and timeless design pieces she created in the years from 1932 to 1968.

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